Buying Gold Online: Buy and Sell Gold at Home!

окупайте и продавайте золото онлайн

Buy gold online – as with any online purchase, the same applies here: the risk of delivery lies with the seller. In this way, a reputable precious metal seller will send the goods safe and sound.

Now you keep hearing about counterfeit gold shops or scammers who sell counterfeit gold. That’s why there is a GOLD certified seal. It offers the highest possible security when buying. Some dealers also bear the famous Trusted Shop seal and are members of the Coin Association.

All retailers listed in the price comparison have been verified and therefore deserve respect.

Tip: If you need a customized delivery or a special delivery by a valuable courier, you can inform the seller in advance. Also, it may be a good idea to split a large order into several smaller orders..

Sell ​​gold online

When selling gold online, you as the seller must make sure that the package arrives safe and sound. Therefore, always send as an insured package with tracking.

Find out which upper limit applies to the sum insured. At DHL, for example, gold or precious metals are class II securities with a cap of €500. Otherwise, we recommend parcel services that insure valuables over 500 euros, such as Intex. An alternative to valuable content: send multiple individual submissions.

Tip: When selling online, ask the seller which shipping method they recommend for sending gold. For larger amounts, some buyers also pick them up..

Payment Methods

Prepayment is common when buying gold online because gold is valuable. Orders in the four or five digit range are not uncommon. Buying gold on account or cash on delivery is thus unusual. The vast majority of retailers also do not offer PayPal as a payment method.

Buy gold online: the process

  1. Compare offers.
  2. If you find an attractive offer, one click will take you to that dealer. The purchase takes place there. Thus, a contract of sale is concluded between you and the respective dealer.
  3. Place an order, check order confirmation, transfer money. The process is the same as in any other online store.
  4. After receiving the money, the goods are conveniently delivered to your home

Tip: Price should not be the only criterion when making a purchase decision. Also compare dealer ratings or delivery times.

Claim, exchange or return

There is no right of withdrawal when buying gold online. Exchange or return excluded.

Rationale: Gold is a commodity. As such, investment gold is subject to the same rules as other comparable commodity investments, financial products or stocks. These are also non-refundable.

Scratches and the like on bullion or bullion coins may occur, but this is a matter of good faith on the part of the retailer.

Tip: If you love coins and appreciate coins in perfect condition, you should write to the dealer in advance or ask about the condition. Good dealers do their best to satisfy the wishes of their customers.

Sell ​​gold online: the process

The first step is to be clear about what you are selling. If you want to sell investment gold, i.e. coins or bars, precious metals dealers are usually your best bet.
You can sell scrap gold to any buyer.
Buying gold in Istanbul

Sale of coins and bars online (investment gold)

Unlike old gold, investment coins and bullion are not melted down, but resold. These are standardized products, also known as Bullionware. Investment gold products have specific prices that are easy to compare. Requirement: Coins and bars must be in bankable condition, that is, in good condition.

Конечно, каждый покупатель лома золота также покупает монеты и слитки. Однако для покупки инвестиционных монет и слитков лучше всего рекомендовать специализированных торговцев драгоценными металлами. Они знают рынок перепродажи золотых изделий и поэтому часто предлагают более выгодные закупочные цены.


  1. Compare purchase prices of precious metals dealers and their ratings on а Also note the year, motif and manufacturer.
  2. If you find an attractive offer, a mouse click will take you to that dealer..
  3. Contact, fix the price, check the delivery
  4. If you agree, send the goods to dealers as insured delivery. Money comes by bank transfer

Sell ​​scrap gold online

Scrap gold is anything that contains gold but can no longer be resold and is therefore smelted. Often these are alloys, or it is a whole hodgepodge with an admixture of materials on objects, for example, gold jewelry from the estate. Therefore, the buyer can only state a binding purchase price after inspecting the goods.


  1. Search for buyers of gold on the exchange: Be guided there either by reviews, or who currently offers the best purchase prices for pure gold per gram.
  2. If you find an attractive offer, with one click you will be redirected to this scrap gold dealer..
  3. Contact us and arrange delivery
  4. Send the gold as insured shipment along with an enclosed and completed precious metal cover letter. The form for this cover letter is usually available for download on the respective buyer’s website.
  5. After receiving the goods, the scrap gold buyer announces his purchase price.
  6. If you agree, the money usually comes by bank transfer
  7. Otherwise, ask the gold buyer to return the goods.

Compare gold prices online

Prices on TURK-GOLD.COM, the largest price comparison portal for precious metals, are constantly updated. Minor deviations in both bid and ask prices are technically caused by the transfer of data between the respective precious metals dealer and

The prices shown in the seller’s store or indicated on the seller’s order confirmation are legally binding.

Postage and shipping: who pays?

If you want to buy gold online, you will always find the shipping cost listed on This is a good way to compare prices including shipping. The shipping cost is mainly an important factor for small orders only.

If you want to sell gold online, it is advisable to clarify the postage costs for shipping the goods with the seller in advance. Some retailers offer mail order packages or even pick them up themselves.

In particular, in the case of old gold, it is desirable to clarify in advance whether the seller will also bear the cost of returning the goods. This can happen if you are not satisfied with the price offered by the buyer.

Trending: buying and selling gold online

Online shopping has become an integral part of our lives. We buy everyday items such as luxury items online, book trips online, or take out insurance online. We compare prices and ratings online and deliver them to your home after purchase. Why? Because shopping online is convenient and, thanks to price comparison options, often cheaper than in a store. And we also sell through well-known portals and auction sites.

Of course, these benefits also apply to gold coins and gold bars. This is why buying or selling gold online is becoming more and more popular and taken for granted. Market research also confirms this.

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